The New Season of the Bachelorette Starts Tonight! So Who’s My Bachelor Worthy MCM?

The new season of the Bachelorette kicks off tonight!

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And while Rachel Lindsay is totally stunning and you miiiiight see me dabble in some posts about her and the show (I’M SORRY – you all know my guilty pleasure by now!) my shout out today is for newly single bachelor favorite… That’s right, drum roll, please… Mr. BEN HIGGINS. (Oof, you can already see why!)

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When Ben went on the show, it was hard not to fall for him. The now 29-year-old, just a baby when he first appeared on the Bachelorette, was everything a girl could want. Wait, what? Okay, I. Everything I could want. Tall, dark, handsome, sensitive… It was like looking into a mirror watching him reveal that his biggest worry when it comes to relationships: being unlovable. You’re not alone Mr. Higgins; you’re not alone. In all the hype did anyone ever get a chance to tell you that? C’mon Chris Harrison! Slackin’ at the mansion!

After giving it a go with the winner of his season, Lauren Bushnell, and continuing an all too cute reality T.V. show on ABC Family (now Freeform) (yes I watched that too… …) it seems like they’ve decided to call it quits. I haven’t read any details on the breakup – please my thing is reality television, not gossip rag mags. But if you’re interested in finding out the juicy gossip just hop onto our favorite best friend: GOOGLE.

In the meantime when the world is trying to decipher fact from fiction, who’s with me in voting Mr. Higgins back onto the show for the next season of the Bachelor? I know I’m not the only one. And if you do submit his name maybe you could include a ballot writing my name in as a contestant for his second season? Mk, that would be great, thanks. While Ben should hopefully see that his fear of being unlovable is farthest from the truth I’m still over here working on that lesson for myself. Aren’t we all.

By the by Ben, if you end up on the next season of Bachelors in Paradise or whatever the f*#! that show is called… oh goodness just don’t do it! Although… I wouldn’t mind seeing you on the beach in your bathing suit again… Ehhhh, there’s good and bad to everything.

My MCM to kick off the summer season – Ben, you’ve got my vote!

Bold. Boss. Beautiful.


This MCM Isn’t So Strange…

Last month I attended Social Media Week NYC 2017. If you have the opportunity to go in upcoming years, I highly suggest it!

Being exhausted from the same seated position for three days in a row aside, I was pleasantly surprised by one of the last sessions on Thursday, “The Strange Thing About the World of Celebrity and Social Media.”

Oh man, if I thought Jim Hopper was funny and sexy as hell! (Stranger Things), David Harbour, the man behind the character, proves Hopper has another thing coming… Bold statement I know.


Apparently, the industry has been ripping into him for his speech at the SAG Awards. Missed that memo and I’m not going there – you can do the research yourself. But hearing him speak at SMW proved to me what a real person he actually is. He doesn’t hide behind his celebrity status to condone a holier than now attitude. In actuality, he proves to be one of us… A human being. I think I’m in love. 

Harbour went where many men don’t dare to go – joking about his body that doesn’t quite compare to the muscles at the gym. But Dave, dad bods and unshaved faces are in!

He also sat comfortably explaining how he had been typecast as the bad guy in so many of his roles because he didn’t look like “a leading man.” GOOD JOKE. Now that we’re all addicted to binging on Netflix shows, aka Stranger Things, so who’s laughing now? Idiots. I applaud you Harbour.

Even my best writing wouldn’t do him justice because he is just that down to earth, under the radar — downright HILARIOUS, but crazy intelligent too. He understands real life and makes that connection to his audience.

I don’t know about you all, but that’s highly attractive to me. MCM worthy for sure!


Who Earned My Valentine’s MCM?

“I’m so used to being used.
So I love when you call unexpected.
‘Cause I hate when the moment’s expected.
So I’ma care for you, you, you,
I’ma care for you, you, you, you, yeah
‘Cause girl you’re perfect.
You’re always worth it.
And you deserve it.
The way you work it.
‘Cause girl you earned it, yeah
Girl, you earned it.”

After so many days feeling like we go unappreciated, leave it to The Weeknd to make me feel like I’ve earned an unexpected call (because expected moments can get boring if they’re all you have), like I’m perfect (in this imperfect, messy world), deserve it (when we don’t get what we deserve), and I’ve earned it (just by doing me).

A friend asked me what my favorite gift from a guy was? I said, “flowers.”

Something as small as unexpected flowers gives me the feeling that I’ve worked hard for and earned something special.

In honor of Valentine’s Day and the follow up to that Fifty Shades of Grey movie that comes out… soon… today’s MCM goes out to The Weeknd, for making me feel like I did earn it every time I listen to that song. Male or female, who can’t relate to these vibes?

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  1. Make your girl feel like she’s earned it

Bold. Boss. Beautiful.