This MCM Isn’t So Strange…

Last month I attended Social Media Week NYC 2017. If you have the opportunity to go in upcoming years, I highly suggest it!

Being exhausted from the same seated position for three days in a row aside, I was pleasantly surprised by one of the last sessions on Thursday, “The Strange Thing About the World of Celebrity and Social Media.”

Oh man, if I thought Jim Hopper was funny and sexy as hell! (Stranger Things), David Harbour, the man behind the character, proves Hopper has another thing coming… Bold statement I know.


Apparently, the industry has been ripping into him for his speech at the SAG Awards. Missed that memo and I’m not going there – you can do the research yourself. But hearing him speak at SMW proved to me what a real person he actually is. He doesn’t hide behind his celebrity status to condone a holier than now attitude. In actuality, he proves to be one of us… A human being. I think I’m in love. 

Harbour went where many men don’t dare to go – joking about his body that doesn’t quite compare to the muscles at the gym. But Dave, dad bods and unshaved faces are in!

He also sat comfortably explaining how he had been typecast as the bad guy in so many of his roles because he didn’t look like “a leading man.” GOOD JOKE. Now that we’re all addicted to binging on Netflix shows, aka Stranger Things, so who’s laughing now? Idiots. I applaud you Harbour.

Even my best writing wouldn’t do him justice because he is just that down to earth, under the radar — downright HILARIOUS, but crazy intelligent too. He understands real life and makes that connection to his audience.

I don’t know about you all, but that’s highly attractive to me. MCM worthy for sure!


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