Man Crush Monday Brought to You by the NFL

My first MCM post! Ah, the Monday after Christmas.

This is the first time in a long time that I actually allowed myself to do absolutely nothing work oriented over our short holiday break (Friday-Monday). So what was the best relaxation technique I could come up with? Besides reading existential, thought provoking self-help books (you should get on that!) I needed some mindless activity. Scrolling through my options E! on-demand sounded pretty appealing. Yes, really.

A few summers ago my friend had been obsessed with the way country singer Jessie James wore that red bandana on her head.


So I decided to see what her obsession was all about. Sure, Jessie is easy to fall for, but the guy you can’t take your eyes off of? ERIC DECKER.

Decker is currently the wide receiver for the New York Jets. Sorry about your epic loss to the Pats on Sunday! (41-3). Yikes.


Tall, dark, and handsome. (AND a top athlete for the NFL?!) No wonder Jessie can’t keep her hands off him!

Get Smart. Read Bold.

  1. Become an NFL player
  2. E! on demand is a solid mindless activity
  3. Root Giants for your N.Y. team

Bold. Boss. Beautiful. 


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