Dare to Bae

They say there are “plenty of fish in the sea,” but have you ever tried dating in the Millennial Ocean? It’s like Shark Week on steroids. We’re all looking to ba(e)te and date someone especially during cuffing season. But in today’s modern dating world what are the rules? The signs? And the should versus shouldn’ts?

Take my word for it when I say I am no dating expert, (far from it) but at a time where it feels like the never-ending quest to find a SO to take on the world with is nearly impossible — us single ladies need to stick together. Am I right? We’ve had no serious guidelines since Sex and the City. I’m pretty sure Carrie Bradshaw would have our backs on this one.


And the constant explosion of Elite Daily articles leave us in some weird, warped dating dimension, scratching our heads with that confused Nicolas Cage look plastered across our pretty faces. The enigmas last days (and cause wrinkles)!


The first article you scroll through in bed in the morning reads, “12 Ways to Win His Heart.” By noon you’re reading a post titled, “12 Ways You’ll Push Him Away.” Obviously we’re single and questioning “how?” and “why?” so we read them both. And guess what? THEY BOTH HAVE THE SAME 12 STEPS. Which article are we supposed to believe?! By the end of the day, and according to their breakdown, I’m lead to believe that I’m a Victoria’s Secret Angel with 12 boyfriends and beautiful wings. Bottom line, we can’t rely on any of this because they have no relevance in reality! Everyone leads life differently and following, or not following, these steps isn’t going to lead to the Nicholas Sparks start or destructive demise of any relationship.  In reality, you’re the one who is going to have to figure out what works and doesn’t work for you in your dating life.


Look, here’s the honest to goodness truth: I’ve been on a date or two…. thousand! So feel free to think of this as my open dating log: past, present, and future. Hopefully, you can use some of my dating escapades as a way to avoid some of my own personal mistakes. *Cough*Cough. I mean experiences. And if you can relate, humor yourself in the fact that you now know you’re not alone. I’d cry if some of the stories weren’t so hard to laugh at 😉

Bold. Boss. Beautiful. 



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